Jessie M. Timmons, LCSW
Contact: 610-256-8885
Psychotherapy Services

and Consultation
Individual Psychotherapy
Available Services:
Consultation/Professional Presentation
​Individual therapy using a variety of theoretical approaches including relational, cognitive/behavioral and psychodynamic approaches.  As each individual is unique, so must be the type of work done with each person.  We will work together to understand how we can best help you to achieve your goals. 

$60-125; financial need is taken into consideration as we negotiate your fee
I do not accept insurance for psychotherapy service; however, some clients do find that they are able to obtain reimbursement through their insurer for my services.  Contact your insurance provider to find out whether your plan offers this benefit.  Some sliding scale fees are available, and we can discuss a fee schedule that works for you as part of your phone consultation.
Whether you are a provider seeking support working with a client who has issues outside your realm of expertise, or a professional group/educator seeking a presentation on working with specific clients, I am happy to talk with you about helping to meet your needs.  Please feel free to contact me.

Fees to be arranged on an individual basis.
​Clinical Supervision

For professionals seeking to gain hours toward their LCSW, or to enrich their established practice.  Contact me for rates and to discuss whether we might be a good fit.